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Story of the sport dance club

Sport dance club "Nastroenie" is founded in city of Rouse in the autumn of 1985. It's founders are Elena and Ivan Despotovi.

From the begining of it's exsistance the sport dance club is located in the hall of school "Vyzrajdane" where is situated and today.

Long and glorious is it's story.From the past already 23 years through the dance hall is passed thousnds childrens and many of them is grow up as an elite competitors in the highest sport dance class, winning for their sport dance club many national and international prizes. Also the sport dance club is thirteen times national champion of the disciplin which is one of the hardest and glorious for sport dancing "Latinoamerican sport dance Formation program".As the trully champion "Nastroenie" is presented Bulgaria in eleven European and eleven World sport dance competition of Latin formarion in countries like Austria,Germany, France, Norway, Poland, Hungary,Sweden, Chesh republic, Slovakia. Under the leading of it's highest "A" class cathegory trainers Elena and Ivan Despotovi the team is reaching 10th place of the euro competitions and also 10th place in the world competition in this very prestige sport dance forums among the 35-40 teams each of them is the champion of it's country. In the last open sport dance formation competition "Danube cup" in Wien Austria the team of "Nastroenie" took the 7th place among 23 teams. Sport dance club"Nastroenie" is the host and organizer of 50 national and international competitions of different clases and of the autumn of 2007 year it was a host of the first in the story of Bulgarian sport dance , International Sport Dance Competition of Latin Formations , and the sport dance club "Nastroenie" won the bronze medals.

During all this years our main partners and sponsors are "Bulgarian River Floating", "Markam" , gymnasium of "Vyzrajdane", municipality of Rouse, and all sport and culture society of Rouse. Our greates thankfulness and gratitude to all of them.